Around the World in …few hours?!

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The first commercial space flight is due to take-off at the end of next year and UAE residents are being targeted for the $100,000 tickets.

Space Exhibition Corp (SXC) is in the final stages of producing a reusable spaceship that will allow for four one-hour flights into space each day.

“You’ll go straight into the air and break the sound barrier within a minute. You’re in space within four minutes,” SXC CEO and founder Michiel Mol told Arabian Business.

“There’s only a pilot and one passenger, so you have a co-pilot experience.
“You’ll see Earth from out of space – a life changing experience to be two or three people looking down on several billion people on Earth.”

Before the hour is up, gravity will pull the spacecraft back to Earth.
Mol said the revolutionary spaceship would change the way people travelled forever.

“Rocket engines are really the game changer because they enable us to use them [the space ships] over 5000 times,” Mol said.
“Normal rocket engines are like a fire cracker – you light them, they go off and then you throw them away.
“This will basically change the way you go to space forever.
“It’s a first step to take people from A to space [and] back to A. The next generation of spaceships will take you from A to B around the world in two hours.
“If that happens, you can fly Dubai to Sydney in 1 ½ hours, Dubai to LA in two hours, etc.
“That will really change the way we travel forever.”


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