Intertravel Overall Satisfaction Level
1.How do you rank our services?
2.How do you rank our fares?
3.How do you perceive the services of our travel counselors?
4.How could our services be improved to meet your needs?
Our Counselors Service
1.Do they provide you with Solutions or Alternative arrangements?
2.Do they Follow-up properly?
3.Are they Friendly, Amiable and Welcoming?
Please rate the following aspects of our Customer Service Agent
1.Knowledge of products and services
2.Willingness to assist you
3.What is your overall level of satisfaction with our Customer Services?
Last but not least
1.Were you satisfied with the response to all of your queries?
2.For future bookings, would you consider Intertravel Agency?
3.Name Top 5 Reasons for working with a Travel Agency