The “Happiness Factor” when booking travel

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Travellers say happiness is as important as price

Consumers are starting to consider the ‘happiness’ factor when booking travel.
New research released at World Travel Market suggests customers are demanding more comfort and added value to seek a higher ‘happiness score’.
The WTM Global Trends Report says the ‘happiness factor’ is as important as price.
The trend is particularly strong in the US, but Brits are leading the way in Europe when it comes to seeking a higher happiness score.
In the US, flight meta-search website,, which launched in April, allows customers to select flights based on comfort and suitability.

Consumers can set their own happiness criteria, according to in-flight services, such as earplugs, wi-fi, entertainment, leg room and other factors.
According to Euromonitor International, which compiled the report, other travel sectors will begin to adopt the ‘happiness score’ approach.
The WTM GTR also suggests Smart phones and tablets will be the key customer service tool in travel within the next five years and that budget carriers will offer more ‘frills’ in the future in order to remain competitive.
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