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Want to take a trip at about 30km (100,000 feet) into the stratosphere? The latest space tourism package makes that possible in its less expensive way to get into space. Your space travel dreams will now come true in a space-ready air balloon for $75,000 only.

The capsule won’t technically be in space — and that’s not high enough to enter orbit and achieve the sensation of “weightlessness” — but there should be a wonderful view of the curvature of the Earth, the blue atmosphere around it, and the dark void beyond.

Scheduled to take off from 2016, no training will be necessary for being a part of this trip which will be for two hours up at that height, where people will be free to stand and walk about the cabin.

World View a subsidiary of Paragon which makes equipment for the International Space Station and other space applications will be organizing these trips. World View is a pressurized, four ton capsule that can hold up to eight passengers. A helium-filled, high altitude balloon will carry the capsule to its maximum height. At this point not many details are available about World View as it is beings passed through plenty of regulatory and testing hurdles before becoming a reality.
The project is close to the Felix Baumgartner’s trip in the Red Bull Stratos last year, which took the skydiver to a height of 128,000 feet. The World View itself will be piloted down to a pre-determined landing spot using a parafoil Instead of having passengers jump out of the capsule like Baumgartner. The project is a subsidiary of Paragon which is the same company that plans to send astronauts to space.


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